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Sales Management Recruiters

Real leadership is about showing a sales team that they can achieve goals never thought possible.  Sales management recruitment is about finding that individual who can mold the team you have into real salesmen and saleswomen.

Even though every sales representative dreams of being a sales manager at one point in their career, many aren't effective once they get there. Though, for the few that succeed, a great sales manager can change the lives and fate of an entire organization.

Sales Managers Need to Sell

The most effective sales managers understand that management is not about giving orders.  Rather, it's about earning one's leadership status by being in the trenches selling with the business development team.

When recruiting leaders, our sales management recruiters actively seek those who:

Can deliver strong results.

Can establish trust with their subordinates.

Eliminate any bureaucracy within the firm and reward sales representatives based solely on performance.

Can teach and train the existing sales force.

Has a firm understanding of the target market and their buying tendencies.

Has a vested interested in upgrading those under them.

Think in terms of solutions rather than focusing on problems.


KAS provides sales management recruitment solutions throughout the U.S. in all major metropolitan areas including: Boston, New York City, Connecticut, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Chicago, St. Louis, Houston, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and more.