Small Business Recruiting

Small Business Recruiting

Recruiting competitive applicants for less established brands is a highly complicated and complex process. It’s no secret that making intelligent, thoughtful recruitment decisions is crucial to any company’s success. This is regardless of size or industry.

However, for less established brands, the need for getting the employee recruiting and selection process right is a high-stakes, stressful game. Recruiting without competent internal or external HR support takes away from completing mission critical tasks often depleting your company’s limited resources.

In the long-term, the decline in client-focused activities leads to lower customer satisfaction and retention rates. When combined with decision making fatigue a small business can suddenly find itself under debilitating financial and psychological stress.

Accelerate Your Recruitment

Our sales and marketing recruiting success combined with robust internal hiring capabilities specified for small businesses allows your company to:

Forming Small Business Hiring Strategies

Small business is big business to us. We help companies determine functional recruiting strategies for achieving goals and competitive advantage.

  • Increase in Number of Interested Applicants

  • Dedicated Expert Recruitment Team

  • Predictable Flat-fee Pricing

  • Thorough Prescreening and Selection Process

  • Gain Access to More Higher-Grade Candidates

  • Shorten Hiring Cycles

  • Non-Exclusive Terms

  • Decrease Turnover Rates