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About Our Recruiters

Let Us Make Your Hiring Vision a Reality 

When companies are serious about hiring the top sales, sales management and marketing personnel possible, they come to KAS Placement. For the past ten years, we've been putting together winning teams in over 100 different industries.

From software to fashion to food and beverage to waste management and everything in-between, we have assisted organizations of all sizes in achieving their executive search goals.

A Fresh Philosophy on Recruitment

Our philosophy is that if you want to increase market share, you should have the best players possible on your team. Our recruiters are able to efficiently formulate unique, tailored solutions geared towards getting your company job seekers who otherwise would not have been available.

Internally, KAS Placement hires some of the most effective, intelligent headhunters who possess a higher competency and accuracy rate as well as vast access to top sales and marketing applicants.

We have been featured in: AOL, Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, Forbes, Houston Chronicle, US News, Globe and Mail, Fox Business News, Entrepreneur.com, Recruiter.com, Yahoo! Finance and many other major sources for our marketing and sales recruitment abilities.

As a recruiting firm, we have clients of all sizes and prestige levels. These organizations range from your traditional start-up companies to larger, more established firms such as Google, Travelocity, Budweiser, EuroMoney, T-Mobile and Lindt Chocolate.

Recruiting Locations

Our recruiters work throughout the U.S. in all major metropolitan areas including, but not limited to:

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