Careers in Recruiting and Beyond

Our employees are passionate about winning (or possess a strong distaste for losing), enjoy learning, act with integrity and thoughtfulness. We motivate one another, face hurdles as a team and celebrate winning as a group. The goal is to improve everyone’s performance.

Because we believe that long-term strategic planning holds more value than day to day, training and work reflection is consistent. Essentially, as an employee of KAS Placement, you are a valuable asset to the firm and treated as such.

Recruiting Disciplined Optimists

The talent at KAS Placement comes from diverse backgrounds, locations and political perspectives. We strive to appreciate, understand and learn from what makes us different.  However, the core similarities we share are very similar. Great teamwork and innovation knows no color, political belief or sexual orientation.

Talent exists everywhere.  It’s our job to find those extraordinary employees and do everything possible to engage them with the hopes they pursue a career at KAS Placement.

Great Performance is Contagious

“As the CEO of KAS Placement, my main goal is to develop a work environment consisting of exclusively stunning, collaborative and passionate employees.  I am fortunate for the people who work here. We do our best to pay them very well.

They are our team-members and I’d be there for them and am quite confident they would for me.  My main goal is not control. Rather it is creating an environment where each employee feels they are a stake-holder.

We invite you to join our team, improve yourself, team members, clients and positively impact countless careers.”  Ken Sundheim


Enhancing Job Applicant Careers

Do We Do Everything Right?

No. Just like any other organization, there are collaborative strengths and necessary areas of improvement. A difference between KAS Placement and some organizations is that we communicate honestly about challenges, improvements and solutions.  Because of this policy, we are better able to anticipate changes, proactively strategize and prepare for them.

From economic headwinds to hiring freezes, challenges are always abound. Though, we feel solutions are just as plentiful.  We have plenty of stumbles and hurdles. Though, we’ve enjoyed many more victories.

Let’s Solve Your Career Transition and Interviewing Needs Together 

Looking to Improve on Job Search Strategies 
Searching for a Job 
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