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Our Atlanta sales recruiters have been staffing difference-makers in account management, sales management, business development and marketing jobs for the last decade.

Since inception, our best of breed sales recruiting solutions have spawned from a process aimed at the executive recruitment of individuals who capitalize off of great products and show resiliency when opposition seems increasingly present.

Over time, our Atlanta sales recruiters have utilized broad industry experience, creativity and formidable ambition to become an authority in the sales recruitment vertical.

We have successfully serviced clients in the recruitment of inside sales, outside sales, account management, channel sales, business to business and direct to consumer sales jobs.

Recruiting the Best Sales Professionals

As a recruiting agency, our Atlanta sales headhunters possess unparalleled determination to locate those sales individuals who fit the following criteria:

Can deliver on tough accounts with an abundance of other vendors vying for the same business.

 Have willpower to sell and service clients more effectively than others in the space.

Enjoy tackling new challenges and utilizing fresh, creative methods to prospect for new accounts.

Are not afraid to be assertive with clients while maintaining a sound amount of empathy to garner trust.

Atlanta Sales Management Headhunters

Our Atlanta sales management recruiters staff management and VP of sales job seekers in nearly all industries. From construction to IT sales, our headhunters have an uncanny ability to pick leaders based on a multitude of personal and professional criteria. Some variables when recruiting sales managers in Atlanta include the following.

The ability to make tough decisions regarding the direction and strategy of the sale force.

The ability to recruit, train and mold younger, less experienced sales representatives into revenue producers.

The acumen to form a vision as to where the company is going and make a definitive plan to reach those goals.

Strong organizational skills which allow the sales manager to implement and design systems geared toward keeping the organization running effectively.


Regardless of the size, location, industry, budget or recruiting needs of your organization, our sales headhunters are able to formulate a plan geared toward staffing employees who provide significant return on investment.

Our Atlanta sales recruiters love our job and excel by providing unique recruitment options that fall in line with our clients’ hiring goals.

Job Seekers

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