San Francisco Sales Recruiters

San Francisco Recruiters

The San Francisco recruiters at KAS Placement have been successfully helping recruit all kinds of business development, sales management, marketing and media job seekers in over 100 different industries with an industry leading 3.5% turnover rate since 2005.

KAS Placement was built on the premise that our San Francisco sales recruiters focus is to make our clients’ companies better.

Though, the core values of our headhunters lay in relentlessly improving job seeker success rates.  This is both before and after our recruiting team places a job candidate at a client company.

For our execution in both areas, KAS Placement’s sales recruiters have been mentioned in nearly every major media outlet for being a go-to staffing agency when employers want the best candidates and job seekers in San Francisco want the best positions.

Marketing Recruitment

"recruitment for international companies"

The San Francisco recruiters at KAS are among the best the industry when it comes to marketing recruiting in the Bay Area.

The sheer demand for marketing jobs among job seekers makes it nearly impossible for headhunters who don’t firmly know and can executive advanced marketing tactics.

For this reason, the headhunters at KAS Placement have all marketing done in-house with an emphasis on our recruiting company learning such things as social media, digital and online media as well as traditional branding and more.

Our San Francisco staffing agency feels that if we work with the client and bring our expertise to the table while listening to their exact needs, we have a business partner for a long time.

Sales Management Recruiting

In conjunction with our marketing recruitment efforts, the San Francisco recruiters at KAS Placement is just as effective at recruiting top sales managers for our broad base of clientele. Upon recruiting executive level sales representatives, the headhunters at our firm seek the following:

"San Francisco Recruiters"

1. Meet the client’s recruitment needs by finding a job seeker that is interested in the position and has the correct background.

2. Make sure the sales management job applicants whom our executive search specialists are staffing will be successful and happy after being recruited for the sales management job.

3. Make sure that your organization finds headhunters who understand the corporate culture of the firm, thus increasing the chance of a successful outcome following the recruitment efforts.

Learn More About Our Headhunters

Whether you are a job applicant looking to make a career move or whether you are an employer seeking recruitment assistance in San Francisco from our recruiters, please see the below links. Our sales staffing agency looks forward to helping you with your recruiting needs.

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