Recruitment for International Firms

Recruitment Services for International Clients

From Canada to Kuala Lumpur, companies from around the world rely on KAS Placement’s international recruitment team to improve U.S. hiring efficiency.

On a weekly basis, our recruiters assist multinational firms from around the globe expand their U.S. presence.  Because recruitment accuracy and efficiency is extremely critical to the success of a multinational business operation, many of the world’s most recognized brands utilize KAS Placement.

Moreover, there is significant ease on international companies when working with our recruiters.  Bi-lingual recruiting professionals, flexible availability for conference calls conducive to your time zone and extensive documentation of work progress allows our international clients to seamlessly maintain control of both their core work duties and hiring obligations.

Partner with a Trusted Recruiting Name

  • Proven Expertise. Over twelve years of successful experience assisting international companies with U.S. expansion.


  • 97% projection completion rate.


  • Proven Efficiency. Over 9 out of 10 clients end up extremely satisfied and return to KAS for future hires.


  • Reliability and Longevity. 91% of candidates remain at client company after 1 year of employment.
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The marketing and sales recruiters at KAS Placement bring over 12 years of successful experience assisting global companies headhunt competitively in the U.S.

Rapid Turnaround

Remain relevant to competitive job seekers.  Benefit from our robust candidate database, recruitment name recognition, proven interviewing strategies and employer branding efforts.