Chicago Marketing Recruiters

Chicago Marketing Recruitment Services

With a client retention rate nearing 94% in 2015, it’s clear why top brands rely upon KAS Placement’s Chicago marketing recruiters to deliver game-changing talent.

By combining proven staffing methods with robust networks, our recruiters are able to consistently fill companies with “A” players.

For over a decade, our marketing and sales headhunters have dramatically increased staffing efficiency for hundreds of organizations.

Simultaneously, KAS has improved the careers of thousands of Chicago marketing job seekers.

As a result, KAS Placement’s recruiters have gained an industry-leading reputation for making complex marketing recruiting more simplistic, accurate and advantageous.

Employer Marketing Recruitment Information

As a client of our marketing recruiters, we allow you to focus on your job knowing that we’re taking care of ours.  KAS’s dedicated marketing staffing professionals utilize unparalleled knowledge to prescreen and weed out the candidates who are less apt to become game changing talent.

KAS’s recruitment process saves organizations significant time while dramatically increasing their number of viable recruiting options.

Our marketing, sales and sales management recruitment methods make staffing employees effective, timely and engaging.

We attribute our industry-leading customer satisfaction rate to a robust candidate network, recruiter dedication and our headhunters’ ability to make complex hiring processes simplistic.

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Areas of Marketing Recruitment

KAS’s Chicago marketing recruiters utilize expert knowledge and extensive networks to cover even the most specific recruiting needs.

  • Search Engine Marketing Recruitment
  • Digital Marketing
  • Print Marketing
  • Marketing Management
  • Sales Recruiting
  • Copy Writing and Content
[/orbit_tab_1_content][orbit_tab_1_content tab_active=”no” icon=”fa-bars” nav_tab_title=”Job Seekers”]Over 91% of the job seekers whom our Chicago marketing recruiters work with come back to KAS when changing careers.

KAS’s employer network is vast, diversified and loyal. From Fortune 100 to entrepreneurial startups, our headhunters possess an employer rolodex that is one of the most robust in the recruitment industry.  Smart companies understand the power of great marketing. Our Chicago recruiters understand the power of matching you with one of these organizations.

Personalizing Your Job Search

To find you the right position, our Chicago headhunters take the time to determine your career preferences, motivations, past experiences and salary requirements.

Once our marketing recruiters get to know you, we are then able to call upon clients of all sizes, from all over the world in over 100 different industries.  To assist you in finding the right career, our recruiting specialists analyzes 5 different criteria.

your motivations and passions
industry and company size preferences
salary requirements
present skills and learning ability
future career aspirations
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