Smart Applicant Networking

Smart Applicant Networking

Smart Applicant Networking is a multitiered strategy meant to leverage reach, reputation and experience.  It yields results unlike what other recruitment agencies in the space can conceivably deliver.

In 2015, KAS brought its extended job applicant network to over 3.31 million sales and marketing experts.

Smart applicant networking positions our clients in a manner that the most sought-after applicants want to work for their organization, are excited about the prospect of interviewing, and are firmly aware of the expectations, core values and business model of our clients.

Because the landscape of interpersonal interaction in business has changed so significantly from the phone to online, networking strategies must change with it.

Here’s how our recruiters built a job applicant network over 3 million strong:

 Recruiting Resources

Candidate referrals

Mainstream Media

Social Media.

Alumni Databases

Video marketing

Access to Major Job Boards

Networking Events

Benefits of Applicant Networking

Smart Applicant Networking ensures that our clients interview talented thought leaders in sales and marketing, as well as maintain visibility to tomorrow’s all-stars.  In part, our marketing and sales recruitment experts have a client retention rate that exceeds 93%.