Outside Sales Recruiters

Client facing interactions remains a crucial part of many complex sales cycles throughout the majority of modern industries.

From software (IT) to fashion to pharmaceuticals to food and beverage (and everything in-between), organizations know to come to KAS’s outside sales recruiters when they need a service that other account management recruiters cannot deliver.

Not only are KAS’s recruiting professionals utilizing a sales network of over 3.1 million potential employees, we are also hiring some of the most keen outside sales minds in a plethora of industries.

This outside sales recruiting strategy has lessened the recruitment time for employers while expanded the options of business development job seekers.

We are the leader in sales and marketing recruiting and ensure expertise, networking and available growth positions for all parties who work with KAS.

Client Base and Job Locations

The client base of our outside sales recruiters ranges in size, speciality, management structure, location and corporate goals.

Proudly, we can say that we are one of the few account management staffing agencies that are able to choose clients in a way that preserves our close relationships with today’s most sought-after employees.

It’s widely known that some of the most iconic U.S. brands request KAS’s assistance.

Additionally, small business clients are enjoying the same level of service and expertise that KAS gives to our longest hiring partners.

Our culture ensures that all recruitment projects are handled meticulously and our success rate has been and remains significantly more prominent than competing firms.

Optimize Your Recruitment Strategy

Success in recruitment begins with staffing employees who understand and embrace your organization’s culture and objectives. Learn how the executive headhunters at KAS can get you there.


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The outside sales recruiters at KAS Placement work in all major metropolitan areas throughout the United States.

These include cities ranging from Seattle to San Francisco to Houston to Chicago to Boston to New York City recruiters and everything in-between.

You can gain additional outside sales recruiter information throughout the KAS Placement sales recruiting agency site.