Digital Marketing Recruitment


Digital Marketing Recruitment

Over 200 companies use KAS Placement for their digital marketing recruitment needs. Over 90% return to use our marketing recruiters.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. Mobile spending is increasing and ad word investments now comprise a significant percentage of a firm’s marketing budget.

It’s more important than ever that companies place digital campaigns at the core of their marketing strategy. Businesses who cannot evolve digitally are disrupted.

Yet, many organizations feel they currently lack sufficient internal resources to gain any type of foothold in the on-line marketing arena.  Mainly, this is due to significant trouble finding employees who know how to create the right digital voice.

A Better Solution

It’s imperative that marketing employees understand how to define, engage and entice their target market. The ability to carry out complex branding efforts begins with efficient marketing recruitment.

Whether introducing a new brand or enhancing your current digital foothold, staffing competent marketing employees is a key success component.

At the same time, effectively carrying out a marketing recruitment project proves more sophisticated and challenging than ever. Staffing competent employees is at the core of what our marketing recruiters do.

Our headhunters make even the most sophisticated digital marketing hiring projects faster, more accurate and more profitable for clients.

Recruiting Digital Influencers Quickly

KAS has entire teams dedicated to recruiting top digital marketing employees. It is what our recruiters specialize in. From the beginning, we integrate collaborative teamwork into the recruitment process.

By clearly defining your company’s needs and the applicant profiles who can meet those requirements, our expert recruiters dramatically increase the accuracy of a search. At the same time, our methods greatly reduce your hiring cycle.

When compared to alternative hiring methods, our marketing recruiters cut recruiting time by a range of 35 to 60 days.

B2B and B2C Digital Marketing Recruitment

KAS Placement fields an elite group of highly-specialized marketing recruiters in key digital aspects.  This includes recruiting all levels of digital marketing job seekers.  Also, our network spans over 100 industries.  The clientele of our digital marketing recruiting experts comes from over 30 countries.

Our expert team of digital marketing recruiters work in both business to business and business to consumer marketing recruitment.  This includes retail, fashion, finance, automotive, defense, oil and gas and many more.

    • Content Marketing
    • Marketing Director
    • Email Marketing 
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Google Ads and Optimazation
    • Influencer Marketing

Optimizing Digital Marketing Recruiting Capabilities

For the past 12 years, KAS has partnered with many of the leading organizations within the construction, energy, building materials and real estate vertical. Over this time, clients have seen a significant reduction in turnover rate, have connected with top industry applicants and witnessed substantial revenue and performance increases.

  • Knowledgable, ultra-reliable recruitment team
  • Predictable flat-fee pricing
  • Access to high-grade candidates
  • Knowledgable, ultra-reliable recruitment team
  • Straight-forward, structured process

“With the help of our digital marketing recruiters, hundreds of job applicants of all levels have recognized their career goals. Moreover, companies of all sizes around the U.S. have benefited from our digital marketing recruitment network.”