NYC Marketing Recruiters

New York Marketing Recruiters

For a company to live up to its full potential, a sound, innovative marketing plan must exist.  For this reason, firms from all over the world come to our NYC marketing recruiters to procure the most talented, dedicated and effective marketing job seekers NYC offers.

In order for job seekers to be successful in marketing, they need to work with the right hiring managers and recruiters.

KAS Placement has been specializing in sales and marketing recruitment for over 10 years.  The beginnings of our NYC marketing recruiters could best be described as humble and entrepreneurial.

Despite 10 years of continuous growth, our recruiters still maintain an entrepreneurial, innovative approach.

About Our New York Recruiting Professionals

Our recruiting firm was started in 2005 by CEO Ken Sundheim from a studio apartment on the Upper West Side of New York City following college graduation.

Through some basic web research, Ken pinpointed some target companies that seemed to be in need of recruitment services.

He made a couple of cold-calls and through conviction and candor was was able to persuade hiring managers to give someone new a chance.

Despite having to interview job seekers less than 20 ft. from where he slept, our first NYC marketing recruiter delivered.  From there, Ken would leverage his intelligence, resiliency, optimism and work ethic to grow a nothing business into a firm that is highly recognized and respected.

Because of strong word of mouth and a consistent dominance in our staffing space, that would be the very last time an outbound cold-call was made from the KAS Placement offices.

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NYC Marketing Recruiter Accolades

Over the years, KAS’s marketing headhunters have been the recipients of a plethora of awards, honors and recognitions.  Among others, some achievements include:

Our senior NYC recruiters have been published over 3,000x on the topic of marketing, job search and recruitment. They often write for Forbes, Business Insider, WSJ, USA Today, Globe and Mail and many other well-known business publications.

Several New York marketing headhunters have gained security clearance with the U.S. government for assisting defense sectors with recruitment consulting needs.
We are well ingrained within the NYC community. Our CEO and Managing Director are often asked to teach HR and marketing at NYU, Baruch College, Pace University and New York Institute of Technology.