Choosing a Headhunter

"working with headhunters"

Choosing a Competent Headhunter

You are only as competent as those whom you network with. You’re either successful by association or you’re not. In recruiting, it’s no different.

The same rule applies to choosing a headhunter. Just like any other service based business, there very are effective and then there are highly incompetent recruiters.

The impact that a headhunter’s ability has on a job seeker is often underestimated.

A recruiter’s skill level, professionalism and persuasion ability can affect the salary negotiation process, the length of the hiring cycle and the number of interviewers going for a particular opening.

Understanding the Role of an Effective Headhunter

In order to make intelligent career decisions, you have to know what to look for when choosing a headhunter. There are things that top staffing professionals do to assist you in your pursuit of an open job.

Effective recruiters make sure that the employer understands how you fit within the organization. They are able to stir up interest despite you not being perfect on paper.

They have a logical reason for sending you into the interviewer.

Top headhunters have the respect of their clients. If they send you for an open job, their client sees you for an interview.

They take time to interview you. They have a firm knowledge of what the hiring company does, why the firm has the job opening and are compulsive about only sending in those job seekers who can thrive in the position.

Competent recruiters understand that sending incompatible applicants to a client lessens their persuasion ability.

Use Integrity as a Foundation

Just like anything else, the best basis for choosing whether or not to work with a recruiter is that headhunter’s integrity.

When choosing a headhunter, if you If you feel that a recruiter is not being honest or is representing open jobs inaccurately, stay away.  Choose to work with a recruiter who is upfront.

If a sales or marketing recruiting professional lacks integrity, it is a good indication that their clientele may have the same undesirable tendencies.