Employer Recruiting Services

Employer Recruiting Services

Additionally, our recruiting division specializes only in sales and marketing recruitment.  This focus increases accuracy, expertise and turn around time.  It does so dramatically.

Moreover, our recruiters find employees from over 100 industries across North America. The recruiting divisions at our staffing firm have been renowned for satisfied clients, and great internal recruiting experts.

KAS Placement helps change the careers of applicants of all levels. From director level to recruiting recent college graduates, our long-list of prestigious clients call on our recruiters to assist with over 1,000 searches annually.

Our sales and marketing recruitment divisions have one of the highest success rates in the executive search industry.  In 2015 – 2017, our turnover rate hovered around 6%.  Our recruiters have a long-standing commitment to assess the strengths of a prospective candidate through a comprehensive process that works.

The Lead In Marketing Recruiting

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Recruiting Leadership with KAS

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Better Hiring in More Sectors

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Analyzing Recruiting Advantages

  • Our employer recruiting services pairs clients with expert recruiters specializing in their industry. This means larger candidate networks and a strong understanding of sector hiring trends and workable recruitment strategies.
  • Our recruiting team assists all employer branding efforts. This includes help with job descriptions and visual aids that resonate with today’s job seeker.
  • Identifying the right qualities and requirements for each position
  • Our recruiting services come with robust applicant availability numbers. Our recruiters use 13 different avenues to locate quality talent.
  • Assigning a dedicated team to oversee your recruiting efforts and encourage open client / recruiter communication throughout the project.

Recruiting Outplacement Services

See how we have the highest replacement numbers in the industry.