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For the past fifteen years, KAS Placement has been a leader in the executive recruiting, HR services and outplacement world. Just like we are in the recruiting and HR services realm, our recruiters offer an award-winning, proven outplacement solution.

KAS Placement’s recruitment outplacement solutions are proven to find former employees positions that interest them greatly. The reason more employers choose to use our recruiters’ outplacement services is that we have the expert tools, understanding, experience and hiring connections.

When combined, these factors ensure that our outplacement services not only work, but drastically improve the lives and careers of job seekers. Our recruitment executives will help your former employee though every stage of the career process.

It’s for this reason that the best companies in the world rely on KAS Placement’s recruiters’ outplacement solutions to take care of their former employees. This is true during even the most difficult career transitions.

Career Change Initiatives During Turbulent Times

Laying off employees is rarely a desired action. However, it is sometimes necessary.  When releasing employees is a necessity, offering expert help is the right thing to do.  Among other benefits, our outplacement services allows employees to move on.

Statistically, working with our recruitment professionals nearly ensures a successful, rapid career transition.  Moreover, access to award-winning career platform, Intelligent Job Seeker will allow your former employee access to some of the most reputable career advice databases.  Intelligent Job Seeker also includes nearly everything that a job seeker would need to navigate the recruiting process. 

When top institutions need outplacement services, they rely on our recruiting experts

For the past 15 years, our executive headhunters have been helping job seekers of all levels discover a fulfilling career. For that reason, our recruitment consultants have been providing outplacement services to companies all over the world.

Laying off an employee is not the most pleasant of actions. However, our at KAS Placement have designed an outplacement solution that helps those individuals proceed with optimism, focus, and work ethic.

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What Your Former Employee Will Get:

  • A detailed note that outlines our policies and the tools that were paid for on their behalf
  • Access to the full list of open jobs from our partner recruitment firm
  • Membership to our career website, Intelligent Job Seeker
  • Nearly unlimited interview preparation with senior recruitment personnel
  • Actionable feedback on resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter
  • Access to a team of award-winning recruiters
  • Access to hundreds of articles, videos and downloadable resources

Industry Best Outplacement Success Rates

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