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Since 2005, we’ve be helping countless job seekers of all levels and backgrounds transition to a better career. 

Job Seekers

As a job seeker, when you are dealing with KAS Placement, you are dealing with a reputable recruitment agency that only hires intelligent, knowledgeable and dedicated headhunters whose job it is to assist you in furthering your career ambitions.  

Curious About a Better Career?

Here’s why some of America’s top sales and marketing professionals rely on KAS:

  • Our recruiters take every measure possible to put job seeker concerns before profitability. We are very careful about the clients whom we take on.
  • Since our recruiting firm’s inception, we have helped over 1,000 of the most ambitious sales and marketing professionals connect with exclusive employers. It’s what we’re good at and what we do everyday.
  • We preach open communication and take every step available to make the interviewing, negotiation and job offer process fast, simple and lucrative.

A leader in sales and marketing recruitment, KAS Placement partners with over 400 global organizations doing our best to ensure that we represent only the upper echelon organizations. If you’d like to learn more regarding how we can accelerate your career, please feel free to submit your resume confidentially on the job seeker contact page.

Strategic Job Search Services

To get a competitive job, you must have a strategic plan as well as resources designed to move the hiring process along and stand out from competing job seekers who may have more experience than you.

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KAS Placement offers a wide range of open sales and marketing jobs to suit any level of experience, salary demands and U.S. locations.