New Orleans Sales Management Recruitment

"New Orleans Sales Management Recruiters"

New Orleans Sales Management Recruitment

For over a decade, KAS Placement’s New Orleans sales management recruitment team has assisted executive job seekers and employers with a full range of NOLA sales and sales management recruiting needs.

Our philosophy regarding our recruiting is to hire top sales management recruiters.

This allows our recruiters to provide unparalleled services to both employment seekers and NOLA firms seeking recruitment of top talent. Working in over 100 industries, we ensure that our recruitment team provides a full spectrum of sales headhunting services.

Job Seekers Recruitment Information

KAS Placement sales management recruitment team seeks to provide top jobs to our candidates. Through close vetting of employers, our sales management recruiters ensure that employers provide the following employment benefits:

High competitive compensation models.

Sufficient employment stability

Full benefits

Solid competent sales and sales management support

Employers Sales Recruitment Information

We’ve been around for 10 years specializing in sales and marketing. About 75% of our placements are executive sales management recruitment.

Our New Orleans sales management recruitment team work swith all size firms from Google, Travelocity, Budweiser, T-Mobile, Lindt Chocolate, all the way down to smaller, entrepreneurial firms.

KAS’s Nola sales management recruiters done recruiting for the CIA, and are the recruitment writers for Forbes, Business Insider, US News,

Our sales recruiters also teach at a multitude of Tier 1 and Ivy League universities which gives us access to alumni databases.

We’ve been on Forbes’s America’s Most Promising Companies. In addition our NO sales recruiters have been awarded several additional recruitment awards for our dedication to client success.