Recruiting Locations

"recruiting locations"

Recruiting Locations

KAS Placement recruits throughout the United States in all major metropolitan areas.

Since 2005, our marketing and sales recruitment methodologies have assisted companies and job seekers achieve their executive search goals regardless of recruiting locations.

Regardless of location, when recruiting employees our staffing professionals believe all great job seekers share some of the same attributes.  Among others, they know how to make tough calls, have the ability to execute on daily tasks and love their job.

Our philosophy is that without great employees, a firm could only be average.  See the below links to learn more regarding how our headhunters approach certain staffing situations.

East Coast Recruiting Locations

Recruiting locations: Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, Connecticut, Washington DC, Baltimore, Atlanta, South Florida, Miami

Central and Mountain Recruiting Locations

Minneapolis, Chicago, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Houston, Dallas, Denver

West Coast Recruiting Locations

Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle