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Our IT sales recruiters work in over 50 major metropolitan areas throughout the United States. Among many others, these include New York, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

A company is only as great as the employees it recruits. For the past decade, our software sales recruiters have been assisting applicants of all levels in procuring jobs with progressive, intelligent employers in the IT realm.

From the time KAS Placement was started, we’ve felt that maintaining a focus on sales and marketing recruiting would best benefit the job seekers and employers whom we work with. By not deviating from this recruitment medium, our sales recruiters have been able to gain an extensive expertise in the field.

A Fresh, Intelligent Recruitment Philosophy

Efficient IT sales recruitment begins with matching the right job seekers with the right employers. When companies need top account managers, they come to KAS Placement.

Aside from competence and experience, the IT sales recruiters at KAS are known to approach staffing with a fresh, innovative perspective. We’ve been awarded for our efforts through dedicated clients, appreciative job seekers and significant industry awards and recognition.

Regarding IT sales recruitment applause, our executive search philosophy has been recognized by leading sources such as Forbes, Chicago Tribune, AOL, Business Insider and others for yielding quick, yet highly accurate staffing results.

Continued IT Sales Recruiter Success

In order to continue our tradition of success, the software sales recruitment professionals at KAS Placement adhere to certain recruiting philosophies. Some of the key components of our approach include the following:

Internally, only hire recruiters who are in-tune to job seeker and employer needs.

Provide clients with unparalleled support during the recruiting process.

Listen to the needs of job seekers and where possible relentlessly help them achieve their career ambitions.
Continuously improve IT sales recruiter competency so KAS Placement can maintain industry leadership.
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