Diversity and Inclusion at KAS Placement

What We're Doing to Promote Inclusion and Diversity

Diversity and inclusion fuel KAS Placement's recruiting missions and purposes. Learn more about what our recruitment teams are doing to build a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Insights on Diversity and Inclusion

Recruiting and retaining great employees takes leadership and vision.  Part of that entails ensuring today’s workforce accurately represents the community.  We believe in DEI (Diversity and Inclusion).

Throughout our recruiting divisions, KAS has been able to offer more jobs to those in underrepresented communities.  Our recruitment experts have a deep and longstanding commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within our recruiting divisions.

Going forward, we are taking further steps to ensure members of minority communities and employees who identify as LGBTQ2IA+, disabled, or from other underrepresented groups feel welcome.

  • Increase representation of black, female and Hispanic leadership
  • Increase programs designed to recruit those with disabilities and veterans
  • Design strategies for recruiting more LGBTQ+ employees

A Culture of Inclusion and Efficiency

  1. Underrepresented minorities, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ and veterans have an increasing presence at KAS.  We have and will continue to hire highly-qualified candidates from all walks of life. This includes those from underrepresented groups.
  2. Utilize DEI training in terms of fueling hiring decisions.  To do so, our recruitment professionals utilize DEI training in terms of fueling hiring decisions, promotions and innovation.  Inclusivity and diversity programs continue to heighten happiness, employee retention and profitability.
  3. Recruiting talented candidates of all backgrounds.  Our recruiting strategy has always been to hire based who people are and what they are capable of.  Here’s what we’ve found.

Diversity and Inclusion Progress

The team at KAS Placement has had tremendous success among our recruitment ranks implementing diversity and inclusion programs.

Embracing a Diverse Workforce as an Employer

When it comes to employers, there is a direct correlation between diversity and a firm’s ability when recruiting top performers.  Additionally, studies have contentiously proven that I&D recruitment strategies are linked to a revenue rise.

Recruiting form a diverse talent pool with not only benefit culture, but also revenue.  Moreover, job applicants are increasingly attracted to firms who hire employees from I&D backgrounds.

While all team members are working towards a common goal, the various communicates they come from makes work interesting.  Also, having a diverse team helps with training for systematic issues that could arise in the workplace.


  • Having a diverse team helps with training for systematic issues that could arise in the workplace
  • To ensure internal employees maximize leadership of diverse teams, diversity and inclusion training should be provided
  • Younger generations are more included to accept jobs at I&D practicing companies


In the end, teams with talented employees from all walks of life, have more perspective, appeal to a wider range of clients.  Most importantly, they win more often and form lasting bonds with their co-workers.


Equal Pay for Equal Work

Our recruitment agency is an avid supporter of equal pay for equal work. We support people of all races, genders and sexual orientation. We support the endeavors of a multitude of minority-owned businesses and leadership roles.

  • Hispanic and Latino Employees
  • Women’s Network
  • Indian Alliance
  • Middle Eastern Alliance
  • Military
  • Pride (LGBTQ+)
  • Asian Network
  • Black Employees
  • Employees with Disabilities
  • Generations Engagement Network

Recruiting Underrepresented Communities for Leadership Roles

Our recruitment efficiency substantially benefits from gender diversity and ethnic and cultural diversity. We've found that the greater the diversification, the higher likelihood for increased profitability. The recruiting process has benefited substantially from varying perspectives. This has allowed an expanded client base from underrepresented groups.

  • 15% increase working with black owned businesses
  • 20% increase in black executive level placements
  • 10% increase working with women owned businesses
  • 25% increase in women executive level placements
  • 10% increase recruiting LGBTQ+ for leadership roles