Recruiting Industries

Recruiting Industries

Enhancing Recruitment Results in 100+ Industries

Recruiting Sales and Marketing Game Changers

KAS Placement’s recruiting experts help organizations in over 100 industries recruit some of the most competitive sales and marketing employees. Moreover, our recruitment divisions assist hundreds of job seekers annually in recognizing a more fitting career.

The dramatic improvements in our operational capabilities has proven invaluable to all parties involved in the recruiting process. Pre-hire goals are focused on reducing time to hire.  Additionally, our methodologies are also proven to increase the number of top-performing applicants regardless of experience level or industry.  

Finally, our sales and marketing recruitment strategies substantially raise acceptance rates once an offer is presented.  Our recruiters are able to tap into expansive, exclusive applicant networks. When combined with our quick and thorough recruiting processes in over 100 industries, KAS brings an understanding of what motivates top-performers.

Your dedicated team of sales and marketing recruiting professionals can help you complete projects faster and capitalize on recruitment of industry leading applicants.  In addition to extensive candidate networks KAS’s recruiters utilize comprehensive prescreening processes. These recruitment strategies are tailored specifically to your organizations hiring needs.

From Engineering to Fashion to Consumer Goods, KAS has you covered

For over 15 years, we’ve formed some of the most competent recruitment teams in today’s top industries.  Clients range in size, organizational goals and needs.  Though, one major similarity is when recruiting top sales and marketing job seekers, they come to KAS.

KAS Industry Expert Recruiting Teams

KAS specializes in sales and marketing recruitment. Over 95% of our organization’s placements are from sales and marketing hires. By breaking up our divisions by industry, hiring managers recognize key benefits.

  • Dedicated team of knowledgable recruiters
  • Network of industry top performers at all levels
  • More accurate interviewing
  • Decrease time to see qualified candidates
  • Maximize the number of interested top performers
  • Insight into industry-specific hiring trends and salary norms

Core Expertise in Sales and Marketing Recruitment

Quick hiring process for both job seekers and employers, access to expert recruiters and accurate pairing of top candidates.

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