Recruiting Industries

Recruiting Industries

KAS brings over a dozen years of successful experience recruiting sales and marketing professionals in over 130 industries.  From finance to fashion to fitness and everything in-between, KAS has built dedicated recruitment teams around the recruiting industries we serve.

Clients enjoy working with senior team members whose experience brings a practical, knowledgeable perspective on what recruitment strategies will work for your organization.  When recruiting in any industry, our sales and marketing headhunters implement proven methods to attract your company’s target hiring demographic.

A Recruitment Process Tailored to Your Company’s Needs

In addition to extensive candidate networks KAS’s recruiters utilize, our staffing specialists have comprehensive prescreening processes. These recruitment strategies are tailored specifically to your company’s needs as well as the changing job market in your sector.

In over 130 industries, KAS’s clients continually do business with our executive recruiters. Our expertise, proven track-record and ease to work with is unmatched in the sales and marketing recruiting industry.

Enhancing Recruitment Results

in 100+ Industries

KAS Placement’s recruiting experts help organizations from around the globe in over 100 industries recruit more competitive sales and marketing teams. Moreover, our recruitment divisions assist hundreds of job seekers annually in recognizing their next career move.

Expert Recruiting in Over 100 Industries