Job Seeking Tips

Job Seeker Tips

Looking for a new job is not as difficult as many perceive it to be.  Our recruiters have listed some job seeking tips for your convenience.

1. Utilize a myriad of avenues – Think of your job search like a stock portfolio.  Instead of just using one resource such as recruiters, utilize the job boards, LinkedIn, networking, social media, university connections and, among other things corporate websites.

2. Consistently improve your interviewing skills – Instead of trying to predict interview questions and remember the answers, read books on leadership, self-confidence, general business and other non-fiction.

Even though they are not directly related to interviewing, you will significant parallels.

3. Don’t take rejection personally – You’re not going to get every job that you apply for.  Though, many times the reason for being declined is nothing personal and can include, among other things: a hiring freeze, indecisive management, cheaper applicants who are available or more experienced applicants.

4. Remain optimistic – Don’t get down on yourself for mistakes you’ve made in the past.  Think solutions rather than mull over problems.  Remember, optimistic people perform better in business (interviewing included).  Learn to maintain a healthy inner dialogue.