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The journey to attracting the right candidates begins with KAS Placement

KAS Placement is an award-winning Dallas sales recruitment, marketing recruiting, and sales management search firm.  For over 17 years, our recruiters have upgraded both the careers of top Dallas job seekers.  In addition, our recruitment services have helped Texas companies compete on a higher level.

For the success we’ve helped our clients recognize, our recruiting specialists have earned a peerless reputation.  Additionally, our recruiters’ reputation is due to a highly accurate sourcing model.  Our process is designed around the end goal of recruiting talented, dependable, creative sales, marketing, sales management, and business development job seekers. 

Over 96% of the time, job candidates referred by our sales recruiters become integral leaders in their new companies. Nearly that same percentage ends up at the firm for over at least one year.

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Top Performing Sales and Marketing Recruiting in All Major Sectors

An ability to succeed in today’s more competitive industries entails insight, discipline and intelligent hiring.  Our Dallas sales and marketing recruiters connect applicants who fit that description in a quick, seamless manner.  Moreover, our dedicated industry teams ensure that clients are working with recruiters who understand their sector.

Job Seekers

The Values, Mission and Priority is to Help Your Career Flourish

To ensure candidate success, our Dallas recruiters closely vet potential clients for certain variables.  These are not meant to weed clients out, but rather to make sure that both the hiring company and job applicant leave the process in a win-win situation.  Essentially, our sales and marketing recruitment team analyzes the following employer traits.


For nearly 2 decades employers have embraced our marketing recruiting philosophy

Organizations of all sizes utilize our on a Dallas recruitment team at an increasing consistency.  KAS’s employer satisfaction rate continues to beat industry norms. Once hired, the employees whom we place perform better, stay longer and integrate more effectively into the firm’s existing culture.

Dallas Sales Recruitment

In one way or another, most sales jobs tend to be unique to a company and their product or service.  The ability to succeed in sales requires insight, discipline and passion. While a candidate does not need to have every sales background parameter.  However, from a cultural perspective, our Dallas sales recruiters assess key values and  traits conducive to strong client relationships.

Dallas Marketing Recruiters

KAS Placement’s Dallas marketing recruiters assist companies and job seekers with all levels of marketing staffing services.  In the past 15+ years, our Dallas marketing recruiters are improving the methods that applicants are onboarded and vetted by potential employers.

The recruitment adjustments made both past and present have increased retention, employee happiness and productivity.  On a annual basis, our Dallas marketing recruiters finish countless staffing projects aimed at upgrading our clients’ marketing capabilities.

  • Social media recruiting
  • SEO recruiting
  • Content marketing
  • Event marketing
  • Social media recruiting
  • SEO recruiting
  • Content marketing
  • Event marketing

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Job Searching with KAS's Recruiters

KAS Placement has a highly prestigious list of innovative clients in nearly 100 different sectors. Prior to recommending them to our job seekers, we are careful to assess some key success points.

  • Leadership who cares about the customer’s perceptions
  • Companies whose management fosters an environment of consistent learning
  • Encouraging and a problem solving oriented culture
  • Accountability and rewards based merit rather than political
  • Caring about the atmosphere and company culture
  • Innovative product or service that has strong demand or potential
  • Focus on recruiting co-workers who share the same value system
  • Strong compensation package with full benefits