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IJS Competitive Career Service

Through KAS or Another Source Gain a Job Search Advantage

Whatever your job search challenges or use case, explore how KAS Placement’s personalized career guidance program can help improve efficiency, confidence and job search agility. Moreover, the personalized advice is engineered to expedite the time from interview one to you receiving a job offer. This will reduce cost to those executives in-between jobs. Additionally, the advice is proven so you can participate in new business models, and capture new, exciting career opportunities.

Expert Career Sessions

Schedule with an executive member of the KAS team to quickly get connected with our Career Advancement experts. Whether you want to move upward in your current industry or explore an entirely new career path, we will support you during all phases of your application and interview process.

√.    Add efficiency and focus to your job search
√.    Effectively pinpoint the jobs most likely to take serious interest
√.    Obtain accurate salary estimates for the jobs you wish to pursue
√.    More easily navigate between industries

"sales recruiting"

Competitive Resume and Job Search Insights

Explain your ideal jobs and we’ll show you resume examples of individuals who have those positions.  See how they write their resume, compare your qualifications, better understand what hiring managers are looking for and much more.

√.    Receive actual resumes from individuals at your ideal job
√.    Gain access to engaging, relevant resume content proven to attract your target hiring audience
√.    Get a better insight into your competition’s credentials
√.    See industry keywords that should on your resume
√.    See what skill-sets they highlight
√.    Familiarize yourself with resume structure, listed skill-sets and tone

Learn Competitive Interviewing Strategies

Based upon what jobs you’re interviewing for, an executive at KAS Placement will customize an interviewing program designed to impress hiring managers, increase confidence and seamlessly progress in the process.

√.  Better explain why you are moving jobs
√.  Effectively discuss career gaps and lay-offs
√.  Establish a rapport with difficult interviewers
√.  Know what questions to ask
√.  Set salary expectations w/o ruffling feathers
√.  Overcome difficult, leading questions

Changing Careers for the Better

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Persuasive Digital Resources

How you communicate with hiring managers throughout the interviewing process is critical to your ability to compete for top jobs. From cover letter assistance to interview thank you notes, IJS equips you with written correspondence ensuring you are accurately seen as a sophisticated, revenue producing employee companies.

√.  Introductory emails (to be sent with resume) customizable for career past and aspiration
√.  applying to jobs in similar industry and / or expertise
√.  applying to jobs in different industry and / or expertise
√.  applying to jobs after taking a break in general employment
√.  applying to a job with an internal referrer
√.  applying to a job after graduation
√. Post interview thank you notes

Receive Pricing and Get Questions Answered

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Accelerate your job search
Increase application response rate 
Understand how hiring managers think 
Better explain past work and career goals
Draw upon world-class expertise
Negotiate a higher salary