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Intelligent Job Seeker

An Expert Career Service Designed by Top Recruiting Executives


Designed by the recruitment executives at KAS Placement, Intelligent Job Seeker “IJS” has quickly become the most effective and popular job search and career assistance service of its kind.   

Access to expertly crafted cover letters, thank you notes, counter-offer email templates and other mission critical digital correspondence drastically reduces effort.  Moreover, the resources are personalized to your career goals, salary demands and past job experiences.

Intelligent Job Seeker is also the first data-driven career advice platform available.  Every email template, interviewing strategy, resume example and salary negotiation walk-through was tested for its validity with applicants just like yourself.  Intelligent Job Seeker is also the first career services site that, in detail provides workable strategies for managing personality and aptitude exams.


Persuasive Interviewing Guidance

  • Better explain why you are moving jobs
  • Effectively discuss career gaps and lay-offs
  • Establish a rapport with difficult interviewers
  • Know what questions to ask
  • Set salary expectations w/o ruffling feathers
  • Overcome difficult, leading questions
  • Explain why you are seeking a job in a different industry
  • Make sure weaknesses come across as strong points

Customizable Digital Assets and Email Templates

  • The best cover letter examples
  • Salary negotiation templates
  • Job application email walk-throughs
  • Top thank you note templates
  • Learn how to get employers to make a decision
  • Applying to jobs in similar industry
  • Applying to jobs in different industry

Resume, Branding and Competitive Insight

  • See sales and marketing resumes hiring managers love
  • Learn what hiring managers want to hear
  • Leverage our recruitment database to see resumes of workers at your ideal job
  • Know how to brag during an interview
  • Comprehensive salary negotiation strategy
  • Answer difficult questions with confidence
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Everything You Need to Find a Better Job

For the past fifteen years, our recruiting division has analyzed the recruitment tendencies of some of the world’s top companies. Intelligent Job Seeker empowers you with the job search, resume and interviewing strategies proven to get results with top hiring managers.

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How It Works

For more information about the Intelligent Job Seeker career network, please visit the contact page. Following your request, you will be given free access to a sampling of content from the portal. Following that, an upgrade to access the full content is as easy as emailing your career administrator.

*Some restrictions may apply.  

A Career Solution That Delivers Results

  • Understand how hiring managers think 
  • Increase application response rate 
  • Accelerate your job search  
  • Draw upon world-class expertise 
  • Better explain past work and career goals 
  • Negotiate a higher salary 

Over 90% of users

saw an improved resume response rate

Over 95% of users

reported better interviewing performance 

Over 60% of users

reported a shortened job search cycle
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