Recruiting FAQs

Recruitment FAQ

Getting the job done correctly for you is the priority of our recruiters. Below, you’ll find some frequently asked questions that both current and prospective clients ask our headhunters.

From start to finish, how long should the recruiting process take?
40% of projects are completed by our recruiters within 3 weeks. 72% of recruiting mandates are completed within 4 weeks.  96% of hiring projects are completed between 6 week timespan.
How does KAS prescreen applicants for my company?
Our recruiters attribute an industry low turnover rate to a rigorous prescreening process in which candidates are evaluated based upon their current skill-sets, the relevancy of past employment history and perceived fit within your corporate culture. At the end of the process, KAS provides all clients with an extensive background test on the individual.
How long until I receive resumes?
Your firm will receive qualified job applicants anywhere from 3 – 5 business days. KAS has a very structured onboarding, resume procurement and prescreening process.  This results in highly accurate resume searches.

How many employees does KAS place annually?
In 2016 our recruiters helped organizations hire over 250 sales and marketing employees.
How long has KAS been in business?
KAS Placement was started in 2005, is privately held and averages anywhere from 16 – 33% annual revenue growth.
What sizes of clients does KAS Placement work with?
All sizes.  We have experience recruiting for very well-known firms and have also helped start-ups with their first sales or marketing hire.
What industries does KAS Placement work with?
We work with over 130 industries.  For further sectors and explanation, you can visit our recruiting industries page.

What kinds of jobs does KAS specialize in?
Our recruiters service clients with segments of our firm that attends to each type of sales, sales management and marketing recruiting project.
What kind of guarantee is given with each employee my firm hires from KAS's recruiting firm?
Each candidate that is hired via referral from our recruiters comes with an extended guarantee of six months.  This timeframe was implemented to complement the longer sales cycles our clients have and the need for extra time to assess an employee’s progress.
Will KAS take care of my firm’s temporary sales recruitment requirements?
Unfortunately, right now, KAS only does permanent placement engagements. Though stay-tuned, you never know.
Our firm has multiple openings for all different levels. Are there certain experience levels that KAS does and does not recruit for?
The good news is that from entry to executive level, our recruiters will tailor an unique recruitment strategy and by utilizing over a dozen candidate location avenues, the success rate we’ve had with all experience levels has been an industry best.
Will my firm have a designated point of contact for the project?
Actually, our recruiters will do you one better and provide a dedicated group with two direct account managers, search professionals and administrative support.

Can I work with other recruiting firms?
Yes.  Contractually, you have the right to work with other staffing agencies on an open job.  We do suggest that you take a few days working with us prior to signing on with other recruitment companies as you should immediately recognize a difference, but doing so is not a requirement.
What are the fees KAS charges?
Every project is different.  Our fees are based upon the time that it is going to take us to complete the search rather than an universal percentage.  Percentage wise, the fees range from 17% – 25% of the base salary of the employee.