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All Your Recruitment Questions Answered

KAS’s award-winning recruitment professionals provide comprehensive support and job applicant access with nearly two decades of tremendous results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Great companies are formed by recruiting team members who understand where the business is going and will do everything necessary to meet those core business objectives. Our sales and marketing recruiters continue to make hiring more manageable so organizations can create that distinctive, innovative culture necessary to stand-out.

The amount of talented, dedicated employees a company hires or fails to hire carries a profound impact on cultural, innovative, and profitability aspects.  Our expertise is ensuring clients are recruiting sales and marketing team members who make significant contributions.  If you have questions not addressed below, please feel free to fill out our employer contact form, and a dedicated, expert headhunter will promptly be in touch.

Process Assistance and Timing

We Need to Hire Immediately. How Long is the Process?

Our recruitment process has been described as highly rapid and accurate.  Through intelligent recruiting strategies and expert headhunters, we’ve decreased hiring processes dramatically. You should begin to see prescreened, qualified candidates within a few business days.

Near real-time collaboration with a dedicated team of specialized recruiters, our vast candidate databases and customized prescreening techniques produce admiringly talented, interested, and enthusiastic job seekers within days. Often, the exact days hinge on a few variables hinging on your internal recruiting process.  However, you’re busy and need good employees.  We got you!

How Soon Can We Expect to Start Our Interviewing Process?

We’ve designed our entire process for speed and accuracy. Thus, it can be as soon as a few business days with a maximum length of about a week.

What Kind of Guidance and Resources Will Be Used to Help Us Achieve Our Goals?

Equipped with helpful insights, tools, and a proven, predictable hiring strategy, you’ll always be nearby expert insight.  From designing relevant questions to ask at each interview phase to compensation guidance, we optimize your chances of forming a company with stand-out performers.

For more detail, please schedule an employer hiring strategy call to connect with the dedicated group of headhunters who will be partners in a successful outcome.






Recruitment Capabilities

What Locations Does KAS's Recruitment Services Cover?

KAS has extensive recruiting capabilities spanning throughout North America. We maintain vast candidate employee networks, understanding, and logistics to meet your recruiting needs throughout the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, our headhunting divisions can meet hiring requests in most major metropolitan areas in Northern Mexico.

My Company is Based Overseas. How Can KAS Assist Us With U.S. Hiring Initiatives?

Yes. In 2016 – 2022, approximately 16% of our highly active client base (> 5 annual hires) maintained international headquarters.  We estimate that number will increase to 25% within the next 5 years.  Helping clients from Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Australia successfully navigate U.S. recruiting markets is achieved daily.  Annually, our firm completes around two hundred recruiting assignments helping foreign clients navigate time differences, applicant availability constraints and further U.S. labor market knowledge.

For international companies, our recruiters accommodate meetings, off-hours time differences, and logistics to make the process easy for both clients and candidates. On most days, we have at least one main team member servicing that client who can make themselves available roughly 18 hours out of the day.

Do You Provide Recruiting For My Industry?

KAS Placement services the largest 50+ U.S. industries and subindustries with industry-focused recruiting teams for each major sector.
Therefore, it is highly likely our recruiters service organizations just like yours.

Fees, Guarantees and Contracts

What Are the Fees Associated with Recruitment Services?

In most circumstances, the amount paid to KAS Placement per recruitment project ranges from 22% to 26% of the employee’s base compensation pay.

Is There an Exclusivity Clause in the Recruitment Contracts?

No.  Our recruiting contracts do not possess an exclusivity clause of any kind. Over 95% of clients work closely with their KAS recruiting team to efficiently complete the project. However, project exclusivity’s not a contractual requirement for using our recruiting services.

Is There a Deposit to Begin?

We require an initial deposit that is usually a few thousand dollars. Upon completion of the project, any deposit will be credited to your first invoice billed upon the referred employee starting work.  If you’re just not finding that perfect applicant, you can request a full refund of the deposit within 45 calendar days.

What Happens if We're Not Satisfied w/ the Hired Employee?

Our process efficiency, vast candidate network, and expert recruiting teams permit us to back all hired employees with an industry-leading 180-day replacement guarantee. However, replacement searches are only necessary for a small fraction of completed projects. In 2020 – 2022 less 95% of recruiting projects did not request a replacement search. On the contrary, over 90% of clients hired KAS for at least one additional recruitment project within those six months.

“Imagine having employees who solve problems, love their job and are driven by an inherent competitive edge rather than just compensation. Our expertise, resources and guidance is engineered to uncovers and attracts winners to your job openings.”