Vice President of Sales Recruiters

VP Level Sales Recruitment

Our vice president of sales recruiters believe that an organization is only as great as its leadership.

Headhunters at KAS know the importance of recruiting high performing VP of sales and are dedicated to recruiting executive business development leaders throughout the United States and Canada.

To ensure success, the vice president of sales recruiters at KAS Placement work with hired internal headhunters that seek out leaders who understand what it takes to successfully lead a business development team.

Recruiting Sales Leaders

Whether you are a VP of Sales job candidate or are a hiring company looking to recruit an executive-level sales employee, the vice president sales recruiters at KAS Placement look forward to solving your executive search needs.

The executive and sales management recruiters have a network that promotes the staffing of job seekers who possess ambition, experience and insight.

Our recruiters strive to recruit leaders who are well above entry-level as we believe that is critical to the success of any company.

Our recruitment team takes the staffing process very seriously and has been able to produce what other firms in our space cannot.

Optimize Your VP Recruitment Strategy

Success in recruitment begins with staffing employees who understand and embrace your organization’s culture and objectives. Learn how the executive headhunters at KAS can get you there.


Recruitment Locations – KAS recruits in all major U.S. and Canadian metropolitan areas including, but not limited to: NYC, Washington DC, Atlanta, Boston, Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, Baltimore, Seattle and more.

Internal VP of Sales Recruiters –Our most experienced senior account management headhunters are responsible for recruiting VP-level sales applicants. They have a proven track record for successful recruitment and personally work on the staffing mandate

Accuracy – KAS Placement has a dedicated outbound Search Team run by Dawn Fang (Master of Science, HR, Penn State University). The Search Team is a supplementary resource in addition to the extensive and consistently growing applicant database used by our VP of sales recruiters.