Recruiting Process

Recruiting Process

KAS Placement opened its doors in 2005. Since, our headhunters have been incorporating recruiting processes that shorten hiring cycles while delivering proven results and bottom-line enhancement.

Defining Recruitment Goals and Best Processes

Helping define cross-functional goals is at the heart of what our recruiters do.  KAS’s process is engineered to meet mission critical recruiting criteria.

Efficiency. Many clients come to our recruiters needing a group of candidates by a specified date.  More often than not, our executive recruiting team makes the client request happen.  We pride ourselves on not wasting time yet finding the best job applicants available to you.

› Flexibility. Nearly 99% of the time, our recruiting team can work around your interviewing process.  Don’t have a concrete success plan yet?  Don’t worry.  Our headhunters draw up unique, workable strategies for each new client.  This includes your firm regardless of size or industry.

› Superior Account Service. As a client of our recruitment agency, you will be assigned to several account managers with specific experience in your industry.  Someone will be available to you 12 hours a day EST and frequent written updates and conference calls will ensure that you are kept abreast of how the staffing project is progressing.

Client Recruiting and Interviewing Process

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Introductory Kick-off Call

  • The start of a great relationship. Client is formally introduced to their dedicated recruitment team.
  • Concrete project goals are defined.
  • Parties work together to map tentative interviewing schedule
  • Client conveys any additional points that would be critical in our team’s recruitment approach.

Prescreened Profiles Presented for Client Approval

  • Based upon industry analysis, competitor hiring trends and client needs, prescreened job applicant resumes are sent for client interviewing approval.
  • All profiles are accompanied by comprehensive interviewing notes done by a dedicated account manager.
  • Candidate profiles are delivered in a group to ensure that client has informed applicant comparisons and obtains a comprehensive job market perspective.

Interviewing Process

  • Client conducts initial phone screen interviews obtaining an overall competency and intelligence assessment of each job applicant.
  • KAS’s dedicated account managers obtain candidate feedback and relay and information which can assist the organization in making the recruiting process impactful and informative.
  • International clients or hiring managers recruiting from a remote location are provided with video conference interviewing abilities at no additional costs.
  • Client conducts face to face meetings with selected job applicants for a more in-depth discussion regarding the job, company and corporate goals.  Moreover, key insight into the employee’s qualifications, demeanor and cultural fit are gathered.
  • Candidate profiles are delivered in a group to ensure that client has informed applicant comparisons and obtains a comprehensive job market perspective.

Applicant Selection and Employee Procurement Stage

  • KAS collects professional references from selected candidate(s).
  • KAS can assist in strategizing a market competitive compensation package. Clients can request that their account manager assist in writing the document at no extra charge.
  • KAS’s dedicated recruitment team will engage in an open dialogue with chosen job candidate regarding any salary negotiation requests or compensation package alterations.
  • Candidate is sent copy of signed employment agreement and start date is defined.