KAS Internal Recruitment

Together Let’s Improve Recruiting

At KAS Placement, making money and making a difference are not mutually exclusive.  Companies of all shapes and sizes rely on our recruitment specialists.

Candidates of all levels rely on our headhunters to show empathy and availability during a complex, stressful interviewing process.

As a group, we rely upon one another to advance the best interests of the people we serve.  Over 94% of companies return to KAS for a future hire.  Our job seekers speak highly of us.

We approach the human resources business in a manner that promotes a cohesive relationship among all parties.  Today, companies are preoccupied with spending excessive amounts in order to see if they can replace their staff with expensive, complex technology.

Our recruiters are preoccupied with recruiting more staff to accommodate the clients and job seekers in an attentive, meticulous manner.  We are in the business of building connections with those whom we interact with.  Our service is top-notch, our internal training is consistent and our leadership is dedicated.

With a growth rate near 40% this year, KAS is proving that some good old fashioned human to human interaction is healthy, effective and relationships both professional and personal deliver more than any app can.

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