Entry-level Client Relationship Manager

Entry-level Relationship Manager

For a business to operate successfully, the clients of that organization must feel appreciated and that they are getting a fair exchange for our fee.

Because KAS is a premiere priced recruiting firm, we do deliver a higher quality service than the majority of staffing companies.

Our clients expect a welcoming individual who is there if they have candidate questions, is intelligent and who has insight on how to most effectively assist their hiring efforts.

As the client relationship manager, you will be the first individual incoming prospects hear from. Our recruiting firm doesn’t sell to our clients, rather our headhunters figure out ways we can help them. Regardless, KAS engages in commission plans for all employees based upon incoming revenue from accounts that are managed.

Salary and Benefits Breakdown

Along with a base salary that is well above market, cell phone allowance, extensive paid vacation, and other perks, we make sure that our employees are well compensated, challenged and have a voice within our organization.

As a policy, we don’t hire former recruiters. Rather, we consider all different types of backgrounds as long as it shows that you are a well rounded person with a multitude of interests.

At KAS, we mold our employees into leaders rather than expect them to be perfect on their first day of work.

To learn more, please Email Resumes to: [email protected] email your resume with job ID: EL Client Relationship Manager in the subject line. Our executive recruiting team thanks you for your interest in joining KAS Placement and have a great day.

Level: Entry-level and Paid Internship Openings

Full-time Salary: $60,000 annual minimum + benefits

Internship is paid with bonuses for performance.