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Top Sales Recruiters

Our marketing and sales recruiters are recognized for utilizing an unparalleled staffing knowledge to assist all types of hiring and job search parties in sales and marketing executive search.

Our recruiters have been a leader in doing so for the past decade.  For the past decade our marketing and sales recruiters have been clear-cut leaders in executive search for everything from account management to marketing jobs.

Regardless of size or scope and without exception, our marketing and sales recruiters provide an unrelenting work ethic for both KAS’s employers and job seekers.  Our sales headhunters are known to complete complex business development recruitment mandates providing career changing results for hiring companies and individual job seekers.

By working with some of the best names across 100 industries, our recruiters have propelled sales and marketing recruiting efforts by pairing career seekers with both national and global hiring companies that provide solid career growth, compensation as well as a progressive work atmosphere.

Employer Recruiting Solutions

As industries get more competitive, so must a company’s marketing and sales recruitment. Since 2005, our expert recruiters have helped ambitious firms from over 100 industries upgrade their staffing results.

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Job Seekers Pursuing Career Change

Our recruiting experts have an expansive, exclusive employer network.  Because our headhunters implement quick recruiting processes and expedite interviewing cycles resulting in better offers in less time. 

Expert Recruiting in Over 100 Industries

From automotive to fashion to consumer goods to cyber security, KAS has recruiting specialists specializing in nearly all major industries.

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Open Sales and Marketing Jobs

Every day, our sales recruiters help job seekers of all levels find a better paying career with a more reputable firm. With one of the most prestigious client rosters in the industry, applicants who work with our recruiters get to choose from top employers with whom to interview.

KAS’s recruitment team works closely with all job seekers ensuring that their career goals are firmly defined then quickly met. We know that you can’t excel without the right job.  View job openings.

Stretch Your Career Goals

Our recruiting professionals are able to tap into expansive, exclusive employer network.  Moreover, our headhunters implement quick and thorough recruiting processes.  We do so with a firm understanding of what motivates top hiring managers to make highly competitive job offers.

Recruitment Case Studies

Learn how KAS Placement’s marketing recruitment initiatives helped a leading defense company launch a complicated product.  Optimizing and expanding their marketing job applicant reach was executed quickly and accurately.