Driving Towards Better Recruitment

Driving Towards Better Recruitment

One of the world’s legendary automotive brands utilizes KAS Placement with e-commerce marketing recruiting functions.

Automotive Marketing Recruitment Project

Porche has always paid close attention to detail and was driven by a passion to improve driver experience.  In essence, this is what has defined the luxury auto maker.

With some of the fastest, expensive cars in the world, the need to maintain a high standard when recruiting an automotive marketing professional was not negotiable.

Also, satisfying the need to maintain a culture of innovation and profitability meant enhancing sales through both on and off-site conversions. Thus, recruiting an e-commerce manager for the automotive company’s USA division was the answer.

However, past hurdles such as prolonged recruiting processes and shortages of qualified applicants complicated hiring.  Moreover, the desire for specific qualifications including luxury brand marketing experience shortened the number of potential applicants.



Filling the marketing job with the most qualified, proactive applicant possible was a must.  Among other things, this meant a dedication to shorten the interviewing processes. Consequently, past automotive marketing recruitment cycles have led to many interviewees getting alternative jobs during the staffing process.

  • Increase the number of qualified job applicants
  • Define the automotive company’s recruiting needs to facilitate a concentrate candidate rating scale
  • Track online performance metrics and react to industry and consumer changes with intelligent action taking


Recruiting Approach

Next, several strategies were used to meet recruiting objectives.  Mainly, our automotive marketing recruiters would incorporate the following:

  • Clarify the characteristics most important to the hiring agenda
  • Increase the number of recruiting avenues used to locate candidates
  • Improve the candidate interviewing experience through personalized correspondence and frequent updates
  • Develop structured interviewing questions
  • Improve job descriptions
  • Increase candidate engagement


Driving Home Tremendous Results

Above all, utilizing over 13 different candidate location avenues, implementing sound HR strategies and an organized, predictable interviewing process yielded tremendous results.

  • 31% more qualified applicants were located and showed interest in the job
  • 0 process interruptions.  No viable candidates accepted alternative jobs during the process

Moreover, recruitment process became significantly shorter.  Finally, set marketing recruiting parameters allowed the hiring managers to be guided by set criteria rather than emotion.

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