Employer Recruiting Services

Employer Recruiting Services

Our recruiters do everything possible to make your experience with KAS positive, practical and profitable.  As your executive recruitment vendor, we are more concerned not only about this project, but partnering with our clients for years to come. This approach is partly responsible for an industry leading client satisfaction and retention rate.

Leadership at KAS Placement has spent the past 12 years, analyzing what makes employees flourish in a sales or marketing capacity. Our recruiters have a long-standing commitment to assess the strengths of a prospective candidate through a comprehensive process that involves:

  • Keeping our speciality strictly to sales and marketing recruitment


  • Pairing your firm with expert recruiters who have experience in your industry and know how to market your company and open job to the candidates you want to hire.


  • Identifying the right qualities and requirements for each position


  • Utilizing 13 different avenues to locate quality talent


  • Implementing multiple behavioral based interviews aimed to determine whether the individual meets the background requirements, fits within your organization’s corporate culture and to obtain a practical understanding of each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses


  • Assigning a dedicated team to oversee your recruiting efforts and encourage open client / recruiter communication throughout the project.
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