Recruiting a Director of Marketing

Recruiting a Director of Marketing

After seven years of double digit growth, our client has solidified itself as an innovator in organic skin-care.   Since day one, they have benefitted from an unique brand presence, minimalistic, yet appealing packaging and frequent roll-out of limited edition products.  To increase profitability potential, it was time they begin recruiting a director of marketing.

Currently, the company profits from several key selling channels. These range from large, specialty retailers such as Sephora to high-end spas, hotel chains, and pharmacies. Also, their product line is sold on a direct to consumer basis via their website.

However, lately they have focused on expanding revenue by increasing online sales.  Aside from better margins, an improved web presence would allow more control over key factors such as price, selection and availability.

Ultimately, to achieve a complex marketing goal such as the one desired, it was evident that recruiting a director of digital marketing was necessary. Our recruiters helped our client understand the benefits of recruiting an individual who could implement both short and long-term complex online strategies.


Recruiting Goals

It was evident that our client had very ambitious online sales goals.  After analyzing the success criteria, the necessity for recruiting an expert director of digital marketing became apparent.

Specifically, our director of marketing recruitment team would be focusing on applicants who could deliver key complex online results including:

  • Increase landing page conversion rates
  • Improve paid search effectiveness including raising CTRs
  • Generate quality ads personalized and targeted to specific demographics
  • Execute on recruiting a director of marketing who possesses leadership acumen, management experience and consumer goods industry knowledge

Staffing with Velocity and Accuracy

In consumer products, time is money.  Just like many other smaller consumer goods companies, our client was losing significant amounts of potential revenue by having inadequate internal marketing.

To prevent mounting digital losses, KAS Placement tapped into expert in-house recruitment resources to significantly increase the speed of the process without loss of accuracy.

Finally, by implementing prescreening and assessment strategies tailored to the specific role at hand, our marketing recruiting team seamlessly narrowed down the applicant pool.  The following actions were taken.

  • Defined the type of background and skill sets necessary to engage the target audience.
  • Performed post-interview web analysis in order to determine aptitude in areas such as search engine optimization, paid search and content formulation.

Delivering a Positive Outcome

KAS Placement’s marketing recruiters delivered impressive candidates who delivered impressive results.  Additionally, KAS streamlined the staffing process.

  • Length of the recruitment cycle diminished significantly. Because of KAS’s ability to complete both high-level b2b sales recruiting as well as b2b and b2c marketing recruiting in under five weeks.
  • This also led to an online revenue increase of over 7% within nine months of our candidate being hired.
  • Visitor bounce rates decreased by nearly 11%.
  • The client witnessed dramatic improvement in user engagement. When compared to prior years, the number of visitors to the website had shown an aggressive upward trend.   Moreover, repeat customers increased by nearly 14% in the six months following recruiting the director of marketing.


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