Consumer Goods Marketing Recruiter

Consumer Goods Marketing Recruiters

The consumer packaged goods marketing recruiters at KAS Placement are known for marketing recruitment methods that bring our CPG clients results that other staffing agencies cannot deliver.

KAS Placement is a sales, media and marketing recruiting agency with experience staffing all levels of marketing and social media personnel across all different industries including executive recruitment in the consumer packaged goods vertical.

Due to a focus in sales and marketing staffing, the each consumer goods marketing recruiter at KAS Placement have built an unmatched expertise in recruiting all levels of marketing job seekers including the executive recruitment of digital media, social media, e-commerce, product marketing and search engine marketing professionals.

Furthermore, a dedicated consumer goods division enables KAS to deliver to rapid results while remaining accurate and attentive to both employers and job seekers.

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"New York Marketing Recruiting"

Global Marketing Recruiting Capabilities

The consumer packaged goods recruiters at KAS Placement have clients from over 30 different countries spanning 6 continents ranging from Fortune 500 clients all the way down to smaller, mid-size organizations looking to hire a sales or marketing professional in order to gain a heightened market share in their respective field.

Regarding U.S. locations, KAS Placement recruits consumer goods personnel in nearly all major U.S. cities including Boston, New York City (NYC), Washington DC, Baltimore, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Kansas City, St. Louis, Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Las Vegas, Colorado, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and more.[/orbit_tab_1_content][orbit_tab_1_content tab_active=”no” nav_tab_title=”SALES “]

CPG Sales Recruiting"Consumer Goods Marketing Recruiting"

The consumer goods sales recruiters at KAS Placement network with some of the top sales and sales management job seekers in the industry.   Therefore, in order for our headhunters to best serve the job seekers and clients whom our recruiters work with, the team at KAS Placement takes extensive time learning about the needs of each individual and organization that each consumer goods marketing recruiter works with.[/orbit_tab_1_content][orbit_tab_1_content tab_active=”no” nav_tab_title=”CONTACT “]

Contact a CPG Marketing Recruiter

To learn more about how our consumer packaged goods sales and marketing professionals can help your organization achieve its executive staffing goals, please see the below links. Our headhunters look forward to hearing from you.

□ Our motto is, “Let there be better job options!” KAS has the fastest growing client list in sales and marketing recruiting.

□ As a recruitment company, we want to offer the best service to both our employers and our job seekers. Our aim is to make a perfect job seeker and hiring manager match every time.  As a result of this ambition, our recruiters have a 94% client satisfaction rate.[/orbit_tab_1_content][/orbit_tab_1]