15 Qualities of a Successful Job Seeker

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Business Insider Publication

When recruiting, there are certain traits employers look for in the ideal job seeker. While we are not born with every desired trait, it is imperative we gain these attributes as we continue in our career and subsequently during our next job search.

You should remember that no job applicant is perfect, though each and every one should strive for consistent improvement.

With that being said, recruiters, hiring managers and human resource professionals will prioritize hiring job seekers who can be described as having the following 15 traits:

1. Leadership oriented. Companies like recruiting job seekers who have a future with their organization.  Most facets of leadership are learned and thus the most efficient organizations want to mold progressive thinkers rather than have stagnant employees.

They want each individual to have room to progress and in time be able to formulate their own winning teams.

2. Resilient. Resilient job applicants are amongst the most sought after by hiring managers. These are the individuals who view their problems in an optimistic manner and don’t view hurdles as insurmountable, pervasive and their fault.  They can fail.  Then, after a brief demoralization get right back on their feet and continue producing for the company.

3. Candid. Job seekers who are candid are among the best communicators around the office. They display a direct, clear manner of speaking which in turn fosters winning and helps eliminate bureaucracy.  Moreover, this method of expression promotes new ideas, encourages fast action and engages more people in the conversation.

The Perfect Job Applicant

4. Competitive. Highly successful companies believe in differentiating their top performers from the average employees.  These firms recognize the worth of making clear distinctions regarding the output individuals produce when compared to that of their peers.  View full article.