Delivering Increased Recruiting Efficiencies

Delivering Increased Recruiting Efficiencies

KAS Placement’s sales recruiting team helps deliver increased hiring efficiencies and revenue numbers for North American food and beverage distributor.

When a multinational food and beverage distribution company required a higher quality of sales applicant, they turned to KAS Placement’s recruiters.

 Recruiting Project

A leading North American distributor and marketer of both retail and private label food brands utilized KAS’s sales recruitment expertise and applicant network to increase hiring success and revenue numbers.

Following two years of high turnover and shrinking sales from the MidWest and West Coast offices, it became evident that a strategy change was necessary.

In years prior, job postings combined with the assistance of large, non-specialized recruitment companies had done the trick. However, this was no longer the case.

Going forward, it was evident that the food and beverage specialist needed a recruitment partner to help connect them with a more reliable, productive sales employee.

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Recruiting Goals

In order to achieve lofty sales goals in a competitive industry, firm expectations were set.  However, meeting the goals was mission critical.   Because of the critical nature, our recruiters defined key objectives.

  • Attract more customers through newly launched business development initiatives


  • Boost recruiting turnaround time


  • Inspire a higher number of qualified applicants to apply to each sales job


  • Redesign the current sales recruitment strategy


  • Recruit multiple outside sales representatives and 1 sales director with relevant food and beverage sales management experience
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Enhancing the Recruiting Campaign

The food and beverage sales recruiting group worked closely with our client to enhance the accuracy, efficiency and practicality of the process.   To do so, the following actions were necessary.

  • Clarified the type of applicant that is right for the company.


  • Marketed job descriptions and employer branded efforts towards attracting job seekers who matched the profile.


  • Predetermined the managers involved in the selection process.  Also, our sales and marketing headhunters made sure they understood the goals of the recruiting process.
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Delivering a Positive Outcome

KAS Placement’s sales recruiters delivered impressive candidates who delivered impressive results.  Additionally, the staffing process was streamlined.

  • Length of the recruitment cycle diminished significantly. Because of KAS’s assistance, hiring managers could now complete a b2b sales recruiting search in under five weeks.


  • This also led to a revenue increase of over 7% in MidWest and West Coast offices. Comparatively, areas in which KAS did not perform any sales recruitment efforts such as the company’s East Coast office rose only 2%.


  • Finally, dramatic improvement in employee retention rates were witnessed. When compared to prior years, turnover rate of KAS Placement refereed sales representatives decreased.

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