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If a Headhunter Does Not Call You Back - Reasons why headhunters don't return your resume submissions or phone calls.

Keeping a Good Relationship with Your Manager - Keeping a positive relationship with your sales manager can greatly improve your career.

Finding a Better Job Through Recruiters - Many job seekers have trouble working well with headhunters, however if done correctly, you can find some great positions when working with recruiting firms.

How to Write a Cover Letter - Not getting the response you want from you cover letter? The recruiters at KAS have some answers for you.

What is Consultative Selling? - If you're going for a sales job, the employer is going to want someone with a consultative selling approach. Here's what you need to know.

Questions Job Applicants Ask Our Recruiters - Want to know about your job search and what other job seekers' concerns are? The recruiters at KAS Placement weigh in.

Finding a Marketing Job - For many job seekers, finding a marketing job whether it be in social media, digital media, search engine optimization or other proves to be very difficult. Here are some tips from the sales recruiters at KAS Placement as to how to land that perfect marketing job.

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