Pictured above, CEO Ken Sundheim in a rush to get out the door, forgot his suitcase on the way to Maryland, only to realize 3hrs down the road that he had one spare t-shirt and sweatshirt to wear for a lecture.

Internships at KAS Placement

Every successful marketing professional starts somewhere and the executive recruiters at KAS Placement provide the experience and initial training to get you there.

In a poor or even in a strong economy, marketing jobs are hard to come by as the demand for the positions is exceedingly high. Even getting an interview for a marketing job is a great feat. Though, with a well-written resume and some experience under your belt, you can being a great, lucrative and fulling career in marketing.

What You'll Learn

For starters, our recruiters are looking for individuals to contribute to our blog network which will result in your articles reaching 1,000's of professionals and employers in marketing throughout the United States and Canada in over 100 different industries.

In addition, we are looking for interns who are interested in building a brand through social media and can contribute to our social media recruiters' strategy to immense our job seekers in the content KAS produces.

As a result of completing the above tasks, the new skills on your resume will include a knowledge of product marketing, online marketing, digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media and more. Following the completion of the internship, your resume will be above and beyond that of other job seekers looking to obtain an entry-level marketing position.


For our marketing internship, the requirements our executive recruiters look for are very broad and our headhunters accept applications from interns from all over the U.S. To apply, please submit your resume through the normal job seeker channels, but include "Marketing Internship in the subject line. If our staffing agency cannot place you internally for the position, you will still be considered for outside jobs which our recruiting agency is working on.

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