Pictured Above: Senior recruiter Courtney Klein. Clients of KAS have multiple, competent contacts while working with our staffing agency.

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

The one way to describe how our executive search firm works is "effectively." No account is the same regardless of whether we are recruiting in the same industry for the same size company.

If nothing else, there is always a difference in corporate culture and the needs of the clients of our clients which differ depending on the organizations they target and, more specifically the actual individuals within those companies whom they sell to.

While many recruiting firms preach internal databases, the headhunters at KAS Placement preach not only networking, but mass awareness of the KAS Placement brand and the job seeker reception to our recruitment methods. In turn, this benefits the employers whom our recruiters work with to an extent that no other recruitment agency can provide.

Intelligence and Ambition

When our staffing agency was started, our recruiters sought to buck the trend of having mass amounts of executive recruiters who were strictly on salary and who did not possess the recruitment acumen that highly specialized recruiting professionals did.

Instead of taking the traditional route, the executive recruiters at KAS Placement hire only internal recruiters that are hard working, dedicated, intelligent and, most importantly can execute.

Managing Director Alison Ringo discusses running and working at KAS Placement.

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