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Pictured Above: Senior recruiter Courtney Kline.

Working with Recruiters

Industry knowledge helps when deciphering the good from the bad, the waste of times from the recruiters whom you want to network with and submit your resume to. Here are just a few tips when working with recruiters:

Just because recruiters work with a myriad of job applicants and don't have hours upon hours to spend with you, the headhunter whom you're working with should at least understand your career goals and ambitions.

Upon working with headhunters, gauge their aptitude by the jobs and companies that the executive recruiter headhunts for.

The Importance of Diversification

As a job seeker, don't simply rely on staffing agencies to find you a job. Rather use recruiters as a second or third tool; again, remember to diversify.

Before going on an interview, as a job seeker you should know the organization which you are interviewing with and make sure that the recruiter provides their name and job description well before going on that interview.

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