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Above: KAS Placement's CEO Ken Sundheim discusses entry level resumes with VJ Carly from MTVu.
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If a Headhunter Does Not Call You Back

Don't take it personally. If a headhunter does not call you back, don't take it personally, don't get mad at the sales or marketing headhunter, as a matter of fact don't over think the situation.

There are a myriad reasons why a recruiting firm fails to respond to your inquiry. Unless you have had a falling out with a headhunter at the firm, there is no reason why the non-response is personal nor does it mean that you won't receive a call in the future.

Why You Are Not Responded To

1. As of the moment, the executive search firm does not have any jobs that fit your background. Just like everybody else in this world, recruiters are into what's going on in their day.

Most are interested in the resumes can make them money at that moment in time and put the others aside until a relevant job opens. Don't always expect a courtesy call, just move on.

2. You resume is not up to snuff. If, as a job seeker, your executive or even entry-level sales or marketing resume leaves much to be desired then a headhunter is not going to want to present the CV to their client. It's as simple as that. The good news is that a resume can always be improved with some hard work and dedication to making the document better.

3. They are simply too busy. Many executive sales and marketing recruiters as well as social media recruiters get tons upon tons of resumes per day and they can't always prioritize your CV.

As annoying as it sounds, it is the truth. The best advice I have for job seekers is to diversify their job search, therefore if a sales or marketing recruiting firm calls them, great! If the headhunter does not call you back, you have other avenues of finding a job.

They are lazy. If a sales or marketing headhunter does not call you back, just like in any industry, the recruiting industry has lazy people who don't want to take the time to look at incoming resumes. There's not much more elaboration needed for this one.

In the End

Unfortunately, many headhunters just don't call back. As I stated above, you must diversify your job search, hope for the best and continually improve your resume and your interviewing skills.

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