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Pictured above: Brandon Frazin, Internal Marketing at KAS was personally recommended to our CEO, Ken Sundheim by a Dean at Syracuse University.

Our History

as told by CEO Ken Sundheim

After working a few months in corporate, I knew I wanted to run an entrepreneurial company. Following graduation from Fordham University, I took a job in outside sales at a large, publicly-traded firm.

If the job taught me anything, it was that larger doesn't mean better. I would often find myself unhappy as there was no room for creativity in the job. It also bothered me that I could never get rich regardless of how hard I worked.

My First Sales Recruiting Job

One day, I overheard two co-workers speaking about bonuses being given out for finding other sales employees to fill our open jobs. If they accepted, I would receive $1,500.

I don't remember why, (may have been boredom, curiosity or the need for attention), I became determined to find a sales employee for the company. It took me only 48 hours to do so.

As Fate Would Have It

At the time, I was dating a girl whose PR firm shared office space with a recruitment agency. I decided to go to her office and see what it was all about.

I quickly noticed that the headhunters were able to charge 15x the amount I got paid to staff someone. I also noticed that I could build a better staffing firm. At age 25, I set out to do so.

To become acclimated with the industry, I got a 30 page book that provided a contract template and as well as basic information about running an executive search firm. I put up a 5 page website and began making cold-calls. I had my first client in a few hours and the rest is what you see here.

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