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Finding a Better Job Through Recruiters

As a NYC Recruiter and DC headhunters CEO, I don't envy job seekers. For many, career transitions can prove to be some of the most stressful times of their professional careers.

However there are ways to make the search easier, less time consuming and pleasurable while still achieving the end result of finding a great sales or marketing job. Try these steps, they work:

1. Know where you want to be. Get specific. When our recruited see job seekers set career goals, the more specific they are, the more they tend to stick it out and achieve exactly what we set out to do.

Simply wanting to get a better job is not going to drive you as much as wanting to get a sales management job in a Fortune 1,000 CPG firm. The more specific goal setters always wings.

2. Know what obstacles lie in your way. The bare necessities that all job applicants need is a great resume and cover letter / contact email. Are yours updated, formatted well and do the documents display the skills that employers are concerned with you having?

While there will be obstacles all along the way in any job search, you must hit the main ones head-on, always anticipating the next obstacle and being confident in yourself that you can overcome the hurdle once you get there.

3. Become more productive. Time spent chatting with your co-workers or worrying about getting a response to that resume you sent in is the worst use of time possible.

Prior to believing we just don't have the free time to spare to overcome our obstacles, closely analyze the time that you waste which can be put into better use improving your career and engaging executive search firms.

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