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How to Explain Being Unemployed for a Long Time?

Q: I am good in sales and I took a break for a few years to go back to school to learn about culinary arts, how is the employer going to perceive this resume gap?

Annie, Pasadena, CA

A: Our recruiters suggest that you focus on your expertise in food and beverage and combine it with your business development expertise.

As a job seeker looking for a sales position, you should mention at the top of your resume and cover letter that you are an accomplished sales professional and have a great education when it comes to the culinary arts. As for your time in college,

just list that as "Student-Name of College" as if it were simply another job. List some of the classes you took and include a description of the university with your grade point average.

When an employer asks you why you are looking to go into food sales, tell him or her that you are passionate about selling and that you want to combine that with your vast knowledge and love for the culinary arts.

That answer should suffice. If the employer doesn't accept it, move on-because most rational hiring companies will accept it.

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