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KAS Placement has been mentioned throughout the media for our sales recruiters' ability to headhunt top job seekers.

Sales Management Recruitment Services

Sales management recruitment is about finding the right leader for the right team.

KAS Placement takes a return on investment approach and locates the job seekers who are going to be able to increase sales while minimizing costs.

Whether it be finding an applicant from the same industry or bringing in someone fresh, KAS's team is able to detect key leadership traits amongst the applicants we work with.

Our sales management recruiters have staffing experience in over 100 different industries and have successfully recruited for all sizes of companies. These range from start-up organizations all the way to established industry players.

We work on jobs for companies from around the world and are able to quickly leverage a network of top executives to pair job seekers with employers that aim to take their team to the next level.

Moreover, KAS recruits management professionals for inside sales, outside sales, sales engineering as well as pure account management / business development positions.

Our premise is that the business development heads deserve to be compensated well, appreciated and given the tools needed to succeed. Additionally, we believe that clients should settle for nothing less than the recruitment of game changing sales managers who are passionate and bottom-line focused.

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