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Subject: Not Getting Along With My Manager

Q: I have been at my job for two years now and my manager just gets worse and worse to deal with. I want to stay at the position, but if things continue, I'll be forced to leave. How do I start to mend my relationship with my sales manager?

Tova H. Philadelphia, PA

A: As his or her subordinate, there are a few things that you can do to slowly have a better relationship with your sales manager and, thus have a more successful career.

Prior to taking any further action, step back and try to assess the situation from a neutral perspective a.k.a do your best not take the declining relationship personally. Chances are that if the problem was solely you, you would have been fired a long time ago.

Therefore, there is a likely possibility that he or she is going through a tough time outside of work and you are unaware of his or her troubles. Sometimes personal frustrations lead to people not functioning as well in the office as they should.

In this case, confrontation won't work. Rather, you have to make him or her want to treat you better.

Remember, as an employee, manager or even a CEO, you can't force people to take a particular action, you must make them want to do it.

Therefore, I would start by increasing your workload and showing that you are more dedicated than ever to succeeding at the job.

It's very rare that a manager will dislike a subordinate for working late and, thus increasing your productivity which results in him or her looking better to their boss. In the end, managers want to treat hard working employees better because having productive employees who executive makes their job easier.

Start to put in the extra time and slowly you should see results. It's not going to happen overnight as there may be some trust issues between you and your boss, but eventually you will see things change.

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