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How to Write a Better Resume

Writing a strong resume is your ticket to a better job and more money. Take the necessary time and do it correctly and a simple document will be a ticket to success.

Based off of what the most effective resume writers do, here are some tips on how to quickly, yet thoroughly write a resume that yields results:

1. Test things out - Once you send a resume to a company, you are on file at the firm. If you're not selected, it could be a while until you can successfully apply again.

Therefore, instead of sending out a hundred resumes at once, pick a design and content, send it to only a dozen or two employers and test the waters. If you don't get a response, then no harm done. Simply make the necessary changes and try again with different companies.

2. Don't let the basics burn you - Even the greatest resume significantly lowers in value when it contains typos or is coupled with an incomplete email or cover letter. Proof-read and have others go through the document for grammar and spelling.

You can even hire a freelance writer on LinkedIn to help you with the content. Get a second opinion, though only from intelligent, reliable sources.

3. Match your resume and LinkedIn profile - While the two are different, make sure that they contain a cohesive feel and similar content. By streamlining your social media with your Word Documents, employers will think organization and, for marketing jobs will be especially impressed.

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