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Pictured above: CEO Ken Sundheim.

KAS Recruiting Philosophies

Sales and Marketing Recruitment

I hate to start off a mission statement with a negative context, however our firm was started as the anthesis of what the average vendor stands for - low execution rates and high maintenance on the part of the buyer.

In business today, many clients end up managing vendors more than they do their own clients and go to great lengths attempting to motivate these organizations simply to do their job.

More Options, Still Less Customer Service

Even with more options to choose from, locating service providers that can get the job done with little to no autonomy has become nearly impossible…until now.

When working with recruitment agencies, you should feel as if those headhunters have a personal stake in your success.

So, we stand for two simplistic, yet rare things: autonomy and execution. We get the job done correctly, we don't need to be watched over and are consistently available to help your job search or company's hiring ambitions from stage 1 all the way to completion.

Expertise and Professionalism

At KAS Placement, our executive search team only hires highly professional experts who have vast achievements in our field and we consider our job to be a highly important when it comes to heightening in a company's success through great staffing.

Over the past 10 years, we've worked very hard to make a name for ourselves and become leaders in our space and now, it's time to allow our clients and job seekers see the difference between the average recruiting firm and KAS Placement.

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