Senior recruiter Courtney Kline (right) a graduate from Fordham University. Clients of KAS have multiple, competent contacts while working with our staffing agency.

Dallas Sales Recruitment | Sales and Marketing Recruiters

KAS Placement specializes in sales recruitment, marketing recruiting, and sales management recruitment for our clients in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, and throughout the U.S.

Since 2005, KAS has earned a peerless reputation in sourcing talented, dependable, creative sales, marketing, sales management, and business development professionals who go on to become integral leaders in their new companies.

Since the inception of our recruitment agency, the KAS Placement Dallas sales and marketing recruitment professionals at KAS Placement have successfully staffed Dallas job seekers of all levels in nearly 100 different industry verticals.

Because our Dallas sales recruiters and marketing headhunters focus strictly on sales recruitment, marketing recruiting and sales management staffing our recruiting professionals are able to compile a job seeker database that is able to heavily assist our executive recruiters in completing a recruiting assignment in a quick, yet highly accurate manner.

Different Staffing Verticals in Which Our Recruiters Place Job Applicants:

Regarding industry verticals and company size of our clients, KAS's recruitment and staffing agency works with large, publicly traded companies all the way down to smaller, start-up ventures in most industries. Some of these client verticals include energy, industrial, finance, insurance, various types of hardware sales, software, BPO, telecommunications, food and beverage, cosmetics, construction, engineering, educational software and services, leisure hotel and travel, printing and office supplies, healthcare, interior design, semiconductor and much more.

Business Development and Sales Headhunters

The KAS Dallas sales recruiters staff all different types of sales recruitment professionals ranging from senior-level executive recruitment all the way down to recruiting recent college graduates for our open sales requisites.

Since our Dallas recruitment team has a narrow focus, the headhunters at KAS are able to provide the most effective, fitting job applicants in the greater Dallas / Fort Worth area.

Sales Management Recruiters

Upon staffing executive level and sales management job applicants, our Dallas sales recruitment and marketing search professionals ensure that we recruit leaders for our clients as our headhunters understand the importance of finding a sales manager who is going to continuously upgrade his or her subordinates and move the company whom the Dallas recruiters are hired by forward via growing those under him or her. .

Our executive search firm has done its job when the individual whom we staffed comes back to our Dallas sales recruiters to recruit more sales and marketing job seekers due to revenue growth spawned by the executive whom our Dallas recruiters staffed .

Marketing Recruiters

KAS first opened its doors in 2005, from a tiny studio apartment. Ever since then, we may have grown quickly, but we have always kept encouraging the same mindset that we had on our very first day. These days, each of our employees has the same amount of space as that studio apartment just for their desk area, but our Dallas sales recruiters' philosophy is the same.

We do not hire sales and marketing recruiters - or anyone else, for that matter - whose professional mindsets are constructed around anything but aiming for peerless achievement, for our own company and for our clients.

Since so many sales and marketing roles involve fighting in a crowded industry space for name recognition and respect, our Dallas sales headhunters assess each sales or marketing job applicant just the way we assess ourselves: Is this sales representative driven by ethical success?

Has this business development manager done everything in his or her power to build his/her professional skill set and knowledge? Does this sales director turn on the office lights every day with a focus on growing not only the company they work at, but themselves and their sales and business development teams as well?

Our Dallas headhunters hold ourselves and each other to these standards. If our Dallas headhunters arrive each morning determined to think creatively, to act determinedly, to measure people and situations from a place of business ethics and industry know-how, and to ask as many questions as it takes to learn more than they knew when they awoke that day, then they can succeed with us, and they can succeed for our clients. But only then will they earn that success. Anything short of those ideals, and they aren't Dallas headhunters with us anymore.

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