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When speaking with applicants, our sales placement agency has found that many display the proper background and intelligence needed to obtain a competitive job. However, our recruiters have also found that many job seekers lack certain entrepreneurial skills required to get there.

While entrepreneurship and job search may be two different worlds, both can be approached successfully by following the recruitment tips below:

Entrepreneurs Set Goals – Get Specific in Your Job Search

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a job seeker, we suggest that you pick up a copy of “Nine Things Successful People Do Differently” by Heidi Grant Halvorson.

The entire first chapter is dedicated to setting specific goals. Halvorson makes the point that setting goals which are detailed will keep you motivated to reach that achievement. Leave no room for doubt.

Instead of “wanting a job” you now “are aiming to be employed in ______ sector with ______ title by _____ date.”"job search entrepreneurs, Ken Sundheim"

Companies are no different than people. The most successful firms set quarterly (sometimes even monthly) revenue goals. Once they know the end-goal, these organizations do everything possible to achieve those results.

Write a Job Search Mission Statement

Nearly all successful entrepreneurial companies possess a mission statement. From what our sales recruiters have seen, virtually no job seekers do.

For the aspiring worker, this can easily change. Writing a mission statement is not too difficult and will pay off in the end. Here’s how to do so:

Ask yourself, how do you intend to win this job? Be specific. Our recruiters suggest that every job you apply to have its own mission statement.

Since every company and necessary interview research is unique, your approach and subsequent courses of action should vary.

Regardless of variance, all steps taken towards finding a job should be linked to the overall mission.

A Recruiter Suggestion – Learn to Stay Positive

The trick is to control your job search. Don’t let your job search control you.

I run an executive search firm. I know that searching for a job can be a tremendous pain.

You’re going to encounter rejection. It’s going to be stressful.

In fact, the more stressful and full of rejection a job search is, the more imperative it is to maintain a positive mindset.

Here’s how our recruiters suggest you maintain a positive outlook:"KAS Recruiter Blog"

  • Keep a relaxed attitude. Stay away from hate, frustration and stop fixating on past failures.
  • Understand that a life of stress is difficult. A life of peace and well-being is a lot easier to live with.


An older friend of mine, Jerry who is a very successful retiree in New York City tells me to not sweat the small things.

Just like the entrepreneur will encounter many failed businesses, you will encounter bad interviews, rejection and disappointment. Keep perspective. Stay positive.

Keep Learning

During a job search, if you keep learning, your mind will continue to sharpen.

Other than company research, I believe there is no better interview preparation than reading a well-written business book.

Before I write an article or have an important meeting, I also read and suggest our recruiters do so as well. Just like job seekers, there are many employment agencies out there.

To ensure our sales head hunters have an edge, we exercise our brain with relevant information. It works.

The most successful entrepreneurs are able to innovate through instinct and learning. To conduct a successful entrepreneurial job search, you must do the same.

Become a Creative Hunter

If you go out and find the jobs, you’re going to have a lot more options than if you simply wait for the jobs to find you. By now, you have a specific goal, a mission statement, a positive attitude and enough business knowledge to ace any interview.

The next piece of the puzzle is finding the right jobs. For instance, the most successful entrepreneurs determine what they want then relentlessly take action to obtain that end-goal.

They are no different than the sales professionals our recruiters go after.

The most successful entrepreneurs, if going for a job would not wait on LinkedIn until someone found them. Instead, they would become creative.

To fully embrace an entrepreneurial job search, you have to go find jobs where others aren’t looking. Innovate. The best types of jobs are the positions that are only posted on the company website.

They are the positions that were not filled with job positions nor the use of internal or external recruiters. Typically, you are going to see a lot less candidates and a lot more eagerness to hire.

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